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Monthly Archives: September 2010

Bhangra Class #1

Before I tell you about my first Bhangra class in all it’s glory, allow me to correct myself. A word about correction. Parents and roommates have very few things in common, but one thing they will both do is tell you when you’re wrong. As such, many thanks to former roommate and wonderful friend Julie … Continue reading »

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Words Are Funny Things

Here’s your chance to eavesdrop on our conversations. Me: No. I wouldn’t say my hair is brown. Maybe…dirty blonde? Varun: “Dirty blonde”? That sounds so bad. How about…sophisticated brown? (I guess some idioms aren’t taught) Me: (Reading a note that could have Hindi or English) What’s a “boon”? Varun: A boon? A blessing or benefit. … Continue reading »

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Bhangra Class

“Am I insane”? This is the very question I asked myself as I clicked, “Proceed to Check-out” on our city’s recreation website. Bhangra? Again? Allow me to explain. Two years ago, when I moved to BC to be with Varun, we had just gotten engaged. We had also just returned from an incredible trip to … Continue reading »

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This is a Children’s Movie?!

Moving means I’m eating a lot of junk food. One day, Varun grabbed the last sour gummy worm and put it into his mouth. This is my favorite candy. So I went in for a Lady and the Tramp-style kiss/steal the candy. Me: (Chewing contendly) Aww, just like in Lady and the Tramp. Varun: What?! … Continue reading »

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