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Monthly Archives: August 2010

Music, the Universal Language?

From as long as I can remember, classical music has been a part of my life. My Mom would play Mozart and Beethoven on the way home from Kindergarten. Our family has 5 kids, and most of us played an instrument in band and orchestra at some point. Most schools have two concerts a year, … Continue reading »

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How Much?

[While this post could seem like many things, it is little more than hilarious.] Once, I was in India trying to arrange for a taxi. I approached a driver and asked him, in Hindi, if he could give us a ride. He look flabbergasted. Immediately, he sought to find out why a white girl was … Continue reading »

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A Bona-fide Certified Driver’s License (Well, almost)

The story of Varun’s driver’s license is a bit complicated. One summer, he returned home to India to visit and decided to get his license. After a week of lessons, his instructor took him to take his test. In typical Indian fashion, four candidates including Varun stood under a mango tree while the instructor drove … Continue reading »

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Culture Shock Ontario

While most people strive to live lives of stability and low-stress, Varun and I seem to crave a high degree of confusion. As such, we accepted a job for Varun in Ontario 16 days before we had to be there. Yup, with just 372 hours of warning we packed everything, said goodbye to our friends … Continue reading »

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