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Monthly Archives: July 2010

“Marrying Out”

I agree, this phrase sounds like “coming out”. In fact, it’s the phrase used to describe people who marry out of their culture. Like me. And, incidentally, like Varun. Mad props to my Mom who sent me this link to a recently published Pew Report about “Marrying Out”. The findings basically say that interracial marriages … Continue reading »

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A Man Who Irons

(This post was inspired by a friend of a friend talking about a man who irons AND takes out the trash) Long ago, Varun and I met while on a trip in Northern Africa. One day, I was at the guys apartment and I saw Varun ironing his jeans. As someone who irons about 2 … Continue reading »

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Just like Mama Makes It

I recently got inspired to learn how to make roti (flat unleavened bread) and poori (flat unleavened¬†bread which is deep-fried, ooooh yeah). I realized my Indian culinary skills can’t progress if I don’t master the bread, and poor Varun must be getting homesick with all this tortellini and pasta salad. I gathered my flour, my … Continue reading »

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What Indians Do at Night

Once, Varun was sleeping over at a friend’s house with another friend. J, the host, generously offered to sleep on the floor and give Varun and D the bed. ¬†As they were preparing for bed, D, confessed he hadn’t shared a bed before. Varun: OoooOooh buddy! You’re lucky! You have no idea what Indians do … Continue reading »

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