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Monthly Archives: April 2010


Him: Are u okay? You look tired, like the skin on ur face is dropping off. Me: Um, I do? It does? I’m fine..? ________________ We were once hanging out with two couples and one of the girls got the idea that the guys should try their best pick-up lines. Guys 1 and 2 go … Continue reading »

Categories: confusion, language, semantics | 3 Comments

Hindi Lesson Numero Uno

Today was my first Hindi lesson. Well, that’s not totally true. Before I went to India two years ago I downloaded a learn Hindi podcast and learned useful phrases like, “How are you?” and “I don’t like that movie because there is too much weeping and wailing” (yes i know how to say “weeping and … Continue reading »

Categories: communication, Hindi, language | 5 Comments

Brownies for the Brown Guy

This video dates back to when Varun and I were dating and he came to visit me in Montreal. My roommate, Marlise, and I were “teaching” him how to make brownies from a mix: an art that exemplifies western culture at its finest…Somehow Varun didn’t realize that I was filming and thus half-way through asks … Continue reading »

Categories: confusion, dating, food, manners | 7 Comments

The viscosity of tears

One day, I came home from work super stressed and feeling like I needed to ask my boss, John, for some time off. Varun: You should let John see you cry, it might help. Amelia: Um, he has a wife, i’m sure he has seen girls cry. A lot. Varun: Yes, but different girls’ tears … Continue reading »

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The Door Swings Both Ways

In case you’re thinking that the challenges of communication in our relationship are one-way, let me share with you some of my own linguistic and cultural mishaps. Perhaps one a post will do. A year after we had met, Varun and I took a trip to India to Meet His Parents. While the thought of … Continue reading »

Categories: confusion, family, language | 1 Comment