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1/3 of My Day

Posted by on November 15, 2012

My strange tendency to sit up in my sleep has become something of a source of entertainment. I’m often asked by amused concerned family and friends how my caffeine-free life is going, whether I still sit up in my sleep, and if I’ve actually heeded the order to sleep more.

And so, since you’ve probably lost sleep wondering this as well, I shall update you. I went to the Sleep Doctor last week and one of the first questions I was asked was, ‘When you came in last time we advised you to sleep more. Are you sleeping 8 hours a night?’. My face must have shown the fact that I thought the whole sleeping-more-thing was highly optional, as she (the Sleep Dr.’s intern) began telling me how important sleep is for people with parasomnias. And so, she gave me strict orders to sleep 8 hours a night every night for a month, and to come back in December for another sleep study. Zoinks.

I had only semi-serious intentions of fulfilling this mandate. However, my rule-abiding first-born husband is absolutely insistent that I sleep for exactly 8 hours. I had the impression that 8 meant anywhere between 7 and 8 hours. But Varun is certain that 8 means 8. Do you have any idea what time one has to sleep in order to wake up for school at 5 A.M.? 9 P.M.!! I feel like I’m in a retirement home. I’m not sure what’s crazier–how impossibly hard it is to fit 8 hours of sleep into my day, or how ridiculously wonderful that much sleep feels. But seriously, I’ve had to leave meetings early, ditch friends and sleep in in the morning in order to fit all of this sleep in.

I know, the mothers of young children reading this are shooting darts from their eyes at the screen. And those of you who are students or interns or working two jobs think I’m insane. And this is why this whole thing is crazy: because I’m a student, and I work, and I’m heavily involved in my community. I don’t have time to sleep for 8 hours.

But somehow, when the Doctor told me with seriousness and threats to sleep for 8 hours, I found the time for it. Now, don’t expect an email reply or a clean apartment or even a lot of blog posts for the next month. It’s not going to happen, I’ll be spending 1/3 of my days sleeping.

8 Responses to 1/3 of My Day

  1. Beth (@bethaf)

    SO glad you’re taking sleep seriously. 🙂

    I think you’ll be glad you did. And you’ll be grateful for your rules-abiding husband. (you already are, I’m sure)

  2. Karen Heska

    oh will we do an Indian movie!?

  3. Lynsey

    I resent that you think going to bed around 9 is for people in a retirement home:) I am nowhere near 65 but teaching 4-7 year olds zaps the energy right out of me! Don’t you love the sleep app? You can keep track right down to the minute and prove your obedience with a graph. Varun should appreciate this even if he’s skeptical of its accuracy:)

    • Amelia

      Hehe, okay. I take it back, not a retirement-home-only thing. I actually haven’t used the app in months, not since I dropped my iPod of of the bed and the screen shattered…but I DID love it!

  4. American Punjaban

    You’ll get used to it and then you’ll be able to see a big difference in most areas of your life – including eating habits, thinking clarity, etc. When I was able to consistently get good sleep like that I saw a change in my energy level as well. Now I wish I could get back to that. No one makes me and I totally went to bed at 9 PM last night so I could get some sleep and wake up at 6:30 AM lol. I’m still tired – oh the irony of too much sleep.

    It’s cute the way your hubby is pushing for exactly 8 hours lol.

  5. Zhu

    I have a five-week old baby at home and boy, I would buy these 8 hours of sleeping goodness!

    (Also in a “ESL marriage, just found your blog… hi!)

    • Amelia

      Aww, I’m sure you would! I’d give them to you if I could….

      Bienvenue! Just saw your blog, LOVE it 🙂

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